Responsive Web Design

Developing responsive websites for optimal viewing... easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling... across a wide range of devices... including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A Responsive structured layout allows for your website to adjust to whatever screen size your customer might use to view your site, from the desktop, all the way down to the smallest phone. The various sections, content, and images of your site will adjust and move their placement on the page (screen) so that the customer will have an easy viewing session while on your website.

No templates at SimpleWebs13...

All of our responsive websites are built from the ground up to meet your exact design needs. This eliminates 3rd party plug-in disasters from template layouts that can completely shut down your site until they are updated. The majority of the time you are unaware of the issues to your site until many of your customers have been on your site, become frustrated, and then left... never to return.

Custom Add-Ons...

Our custom CMS (Content Management System) and eCommerce Online Shopping Cart structures are designed for you to easily edit content and images on your site as well as upload and display products you wish to sell.
Details on our CMS and eCommerce Shopping Carts are listed below.


Content Management System

CMS installed on your website gives you the complete control you need for all edits to content and images. A quick change to new content, updating or adding a image(s), you have the option to get it done now!

Our CMS software also comes with an Admin Panel. Here is where you login and perform all edits, save, and publish your updated site. Extremely easy and user-friendly.

Our helpful CMS Instructions for editing your website can be found here... CMS Instructions.
Admin Panel Login
Editing Your Site
Save And Publish Your Updates

eCommerce Web Design

We offer functionality and design for shopping carts, database development and login / registration areas of the website... members area, secure document placement and sensitive company information stored within the website.

Every web design project, for every client, is built from the ground up... NO TEMPLATES! Your new or redesigned site needs to be all about you and your company or business. Everything is tailored to your specific needs.

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